The working theory of pneumatic valve The role of pneumatic positioner

Pneumatic valve is the use of compressed air into the pneumatic actuator drives the piston movement, rotation or movements torsion shaft to drive the stem drive a pneumatic control valve. Is divided into pneumatic valve, intelligent external regulation of single and double action of three, single acting pneumatic actuator driven by a spring inside the piston structure, there are two principles of open and closed, both for air or gas, gas free to enter by the springs forces the pistons to close the valve, this principle is always closed. When gas into the cylinder valve is closed, expired by spring bring the piston valve is opened, the structure is open. When the choose and buy should pay attention to avoid the spring long time compression. The principle of double-acting is gas-off, double-acting pneumatic valve need to match two five-way solenoid valve, when the porosity gas into A cylinder piston rotating torque valve closed, open the valve of gas porosity by B port A period of disconnected at the same time, the piston driven torque valve opens.

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