Working principle

1)     Working principle

The main disc of the valve will located at some position depending on the main flow rate. The main disc drives the bypass disc through the action of bypass stem, which will adjust the bypass flow rate and pressure to the preconcerted value. All the fluid medium will go through the bypass when the main disc closed. On the contrary, the bypass will close tightly when the main disc fully opened.

2)     Inductive mechanism of the flow rate

The mechanism can induct the variation of the main flow rate, and then to drive the bypass system through the stem action.

3)     Advantage

The valve integrates with four functions:

  1. To adjust the opening of the bypass automatically according to the main flow.
  2. The bypass pressure drop is controllable.
  3. Check valve function was contained in both the main body and bypass.

T type and three way structure is suitable for the recirculation pipe line.

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