Datian smart control valve marches into the environmentally-friendly chemical industry

 smart control valve
As a leading provider of new techniques in China’s process automation instruments, Shanghai datian valve eng. Co., Ltd. successfully researched and developed the smart control valve in China, which helped it win the bid for the 30,000-ton alternating aliphatic polycarbonate project a few days ago.

It is reported that in the project carbon dioxide and epoxide are copolymerized into alternating aliphatic polycarbonate under the action of catalysts. This polymer has good degradability. The technological achievement of using carbon dioxide-based polymers as biodegradable plastics with efficient carbon dioxide fixation not only can make waste profitable, and realize saving and effective utilization of resources, but the products can be an alternative to traditional plastics to avoid environmental pollution. With a double meaning to environmental protection, it also meets the sustainable development and scientific outlook on development, and has important practical value and strategic significance. According to the technical experts in charge of this project, bold innovations on the previous processes have been carried out during the project construction process, achieving a prominent effect in energy saving and emission reduction. Maxonic’s MVP smart valve positioners have played an active role in this regard.

Datian smart control valve adopts the world’s latest electro-pneumatic conversion technology and a great number of other world’s latest technologies in the field of positioners, it has filled domestic blanks in the field of positioners, and granted many national patents.


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