Datian has successfully developed the high pressure power station control valve


A few days ago, twelve large size high pressure power station control valves designed by Datian for a large-sized thermal power plant in China successfully passed the user’s acceptance.

These valves were used for the medium of superheated vapor with the maximum differential pressure of 21MPa and the maximum diameter of DN225. For the above service condition, the user has long depended on the imported valves previously. But because of high price, long lead time and slow after-sales service, it decided to replace the imported valves with homemade ones. After screening of technical plans, questions & answers about technologies, and other series of assessments, Datian stood out from other control valve manufacturers and undertook the manufacturing of valves. Featured by high differential pressure and high temperature, the service condition brought a severe challenge to design. Not only shall the noise produced due to high differential pressure be reduced, but zero leakage of the valve shall be ensured under the high temperature service condition. According to the severe service condition, our company immediately organized the technical personnel to tackle the tough problem, and finally determined to adopt the 10M Series labyrinth cage structure and specially designed labyrinth channels to reach a maximum of 32 pressure drop stages in combination with our unique metal seal ring technology, so that the sealing problem under the high temperature service condition was successfully solved. In order to ensure reliable product designs, especially those with respect to noise, a main concern of the user, our technical personnel used the computer to carry out finite element analysis and noise calculation after the simulation of the site service condition, and optimized the structure inside the valve in 10 continuous working days and 40 extra working hours. Meanwhile, the production department also cooperated to carry out rational resource distribution and organize capable workers in the workshops to work continuously for 20 working days with an average of 80 extra working hours per worker. Finally the valves were successfully assembled and tested within the lead time of two months required by the user with quality and quantity guaranteed.

The successful completion of the 12 high pressure power station control valves has indicated that Datian has reached first-class in China in the design and manufacturing of large size high differential pressure control valves, broken the technological monopoly of large overseas companies in the field of high differential pressure, and laid a firm foundation for the localization of China’s power station devices and their moving outside China.


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