Instruction for installation and maintenance

1)     To install the ARC valve near the centrifugal pump possibly, the best way is to install the ARV valve on the outlet of the pump directly.

2)     The distance between the pump outlet and valve inlet should not exceed 1.5 m to prevent the low frequency water hammer caused by the water pulse. The vertical installation is prior if the flow orientation is from down to up. The same nominal size pipe with length 2-3m is connecting to the pump outlet or bypass outlet. To connect the angle pipe directly to bypass outlet is forbidden.

3)     The valve has been inspected and adjusted carefully before delivery, it can be installed directly without reassembly and reinspection at site.

4)     To avoid crashing when transportation and hoisting.

5)     To keep the flow direction same with the arrow marked on the valve body at the time of installation

The valve should be deposited in dry place, and regular maintenance is necessary to prevent rusting.

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