Frequently asked question

Q. Can DATIAN products by returned for Factory repair?

Yes! Please contact DaTian for a return authorization number to return to us. Once received, the returned goods will be evaluated and a repair quote provided.

Q. We do not have time to return our products for repair. Can DATIAN provide Service assistance at our site?

Yes! DaTian will provide site service for all products we Provided.

Q. Can DATIAN provide products to NACE Standards for sulfide stress cracking resistance? If so what is the experience and qualifications?

Yes! DaTian products constructed for NACE standard MRO103 have been provided to oil & gas processing facilities, the most common application being amine pump protection.

Q. What design standards do DATIAN products conform?

Datian products conform to ASME B16.34.

Q. What are the standard tests performed on DATIAN products?

Hydrostatic to ASME B16.34, seat to API 598, and flow testing. Datian developed test to assure proper operation and flow Rates.

Q. Can we obtain an installation listing?

Please contact us for sales references or listing of customers by industry.

Q. Does DATIAN exhibit in any trade shows?

DaTian will publish exposition message on website, or contact us for further information.

Q. Can I visit DATIAN and witness testing of my Order?

Yes! DaTian has frequent inspection visits. Advance notice of 2 weeks or more is normally needed to schedule.

Q. Are material test reports available? Is special testing available?

Yes! Material test reports containing chemical and physical properties are available and provided on request. Additional testing such as positive material identification, charpy testing, and radiography are available on a special order basis and an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory services company performs the testing.

Q. What information is needed to order Parts?

All of our part orders link back to the original supply. Please contact us with either The serial number, order number, nameplate information, or model number and site of the installation.

Q. Does DATIAN stock parts if we have an Emergency requirement?

No! We need some times to produce the spare part depending on different inquiry, since most of the products are different from each other. So please contact us at the first time and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Q. Does DATIAN provide technical training?

DaTian has a strong team of R& D on pump protection solution. The seminar is for anyone responsible for providing, specifying, using or servicing centrifugal pump and/or the minimum flow protection method. The seminar is approximately one hour in duration and is performed using power point and product samples.

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